What Is Virtual Assistant ?

Virtual Assistant (VA): A person who works remotely from within the vicinity of home to accommodate a number of people comes under the umbrella of virtual assistant. The term can be coined as a self-employed, an administrator or a personal secretary, who works from home and carries out a number of jobs/tasks for various clients.

Why do we need to have Virtual Assistant?

Today with the number of jobs and opportunities available for people, the importance of VA can’t be ignored. They are mainly needed and required by people belonging to all walks of life for any task. The question comes as why do we need to have a virtual assistant? The answer to this question is:

  • To remain economical and competitive: It is true that hiring a full time employee means paying him/her good salary plus benefits, offering office space, etc. but VA doesn’t need either of these. He/she is able to work from home and carry out any task assigned. They normally work under low salary ranges and are very accommodating as well.
  • To work on any temporary project, getting a virtual assistant is ideal and cost saving.
  • They can handle day to day operations, like attending phone calls and entertaining clients
  • They can perform technical tasks like (web developing, website design) & Marketing tasks.
  • They can be indulged in the short term research projects.
  • They can respond to the emails and messages
  • They can be hired to make short presentations and business proposals
  • Virtual assistants can manage multiple clients simultaneously.

It can be safely assumed that the appointment of the virtual assistant is adhoc in nature and they don’t cost much to the organizations. Normally many work from home businesses and operations require and prefer to hire virtual assistants. They are easy to find and easy to disengage .

VA can be a great resource for all phases of your business ownership. In some cases, businesses contract with virtual assistants for short term projects. In other cases, businesses have chosen to have a virtual assistant on standby or provide ongoing services over the life of the business. Whatever your particular need is, a virtual assistant can be a great merit to your business.

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Gyan is a web entrepreneur and the founder of G WEB, possessing a 3 + years experience as a freelancer. He has single-handedly completed hundreds of project from different clients across the world. He’s a smart and honest guy and fully equip with abundant experience in Web Development, Digital Marketing and Admin support.

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