What is WannaCry attack?

  • What is Ransomware?

It’s a cyber attack that involves hackers taking control of all the data files or in some cases complete computer making it completely inaccessible until a ransom is paid.

  • What is all about WannaCry Ransomware?

WannaCry Attack is a Ransomware that encrypts all the data files on the infected computer and asks user to pay 300 USD to get back it. If not paid in three days it says it will double the ransom amount.

  • Who all are impacted or can get impacted?

This Ransomware has already affected high profile organizations in Spain, UK, China, and other countries including India. These organizations include clinics and hospitals in UK, telecom, gas, electricity and other utility providers. Many universities in China have also been targeted.

In Security Labs, till now 3000+ WannaCry Ransomware attacks are detected out of which around 2450 are from India and successfully defended these cases of attacks from compromise and data encryption.

If you are a Microsoft Windows user and have not applied the security update Anti-Virus software protecting it, you have a high chance of getting affected by WannaCry Ransomware.

In India, computers at Andhra Pradesh’s police departments were hacked. Computers in 18 police units in Chittoor, Krishna, Guntur, Visakhapatnam and Srikakulam districts were affected.

  • Am i already infected?

If you see this below WannaCry Ransomware screen, your data is already encrypted.

  • Can i get back my encrypted files?

Decryption for WannaCry Ransomware encrypted files is not yet available. As per security labs, particular team are doing further investigation on that front. However I do not recommend paying ransom to the hackers.

  • What prevention should i take to avoid getting started?

As per security recommends taking the following measures to reduce the risk of infection by WannaCry Ransomware:

  1. Apply Patch for vulnerabilities used by this Ransomware from Microsoft Security Bulletin MS17-010 – Critical
  2. Take regular back up of your important data and periodically check the backup restoration process to make sure files are getting properly restored.
  3. Ensure that security solutions are switched on all nodes of the network.
  4. Always keep installed security software up-to-date with latest signature updates.
  5. perform full system scan using installed security software.
  6. Avoid clicking on links opening attachment in emails from unknown and suspicious sources.
  7. Turn on your firewall on your windows control panel.
  8. Do not open any email which was attachment with “tasksche.exe” file.
  9. High probability to get hacked Windows XP users.

Please keep updated with some sources:

Update: ‘Accidental hero’ halts ransomware attack and warns: this is not over

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